2014 MBPA Brochure

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About Us

The Maine Beef Producers Association (MBPA) is dedicated to building strong communication linkages, helping its members meet and master the challenges of change, and assisting cattle producers to anticipate, plan for, adjust to, and meet the changing demands of the market place.

The Maine Beef Producers Association formed over thirty years ago when a group of beef producers in Western Maine worked together to develop better markets for their beef cattle. They organized the first Feeder Calf Sales where potential buyers could view and bid on calves from a number of producers.  These were successful and the group expanded to include all of Maine and offer a variety of programs.

The Association still supports beef marketing but is also active in other areas of production.  It was instrumental in bringing Beef Quality Assurance, a nationally recognized program, to Maine.  BQA, as it is more commonly known, assists beef producers by providing guidelines so farmers are then able to identify management processes that can be improved, thus decreasing stress for their animals and ultimately increasing profitability.  BQA also raises consumer confidence by offering a commitment to quality within every segment of the beef industry.

MBPA has also developed other educational programs for anyone interested in learning more about Maine beef.  The Maine-New England Beef Expo became an annual event that featured workshops as well as purebred and commercial beef auctions.  It also hosted a show and educational piece for interested youth, while producer and industry displays informed the public about beef production.  Responses were so favorable that MBPA took the leadership in developing the Northeast Livestock Expo, which offers similar programs for sheep and goat producers in addition to the beef options.

Other programs include a Club Calf Sale, where youth can purchase purebred calves for 4-H projects, and the Calves 4 Kids Program for youth to get first-hand experience in raising beef cattle.  The Association also helps sponsor an annual Beef Conference, and a two-day Beef Basics Seminar, which offers in depth information on a variety of topics.

Most of these programs would not be possible without the support and participation of others associated with Maine beef production.  MBPA has built a strong working relationship with producers, purebred associations, the Maine Department of Agriculture, the Maine Beef Industry Council, Maine Farm Bureau and Cooperative Extension.  Collaborative efforts have resulted in more educational and marketing options for beef producers in the state.