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Beef Producers Directory

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How to read listings:        Name, Farm Name and contact information                                             

                                                   Breed of cattle & purebred or not followed by herd size                                                    Management System and Sale methods are on the last line for each listing

Key: P - Purebred                         C - Commercial                        H - Herd Size

Beef Breeds: A - Angus BA - Black Angus BG - Belted Galloway Bl - Baldies Bl - Baldies BS - Beef Shorthorns Ch - Charolais G - Belbveih H - Hereford HP - Polled Hereford LA - Lowline Angus MA - Maine Anjou P - Pinnzgauer RA - Red Angus SH - Scotch Highlander S - Simmental X - Cross

Management System:
G - Grassfed N - Naturally Raised O - Organic Cn - Conventional

Sales Methods: R - Retail W - Wholesale F - Freezer Beef B - Breeding Stock