2015 Calves For Kids Winners:

Colby Waters and Elizabeth Phinney

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Past Calves for Kids Program Recipients:

2016: Bethany Devoe - Hereford heifer bought by MBPA (with money from Shelby Walker) from Darcie Campbell McCarthy; Brooke Bickford - Chimaine heifer bought by MBPA (with money from Kristen Salley) from Norris Smith and Cindy Kilgore. Alivia Stanley will receive a heifer in the spring of 2017.

2015: Colby Waters - Angus heifer from Cierra Waters; Elizabeth Phinney - percentage lowline bought by MBPA from William Fischer.

2014: Shelby Walker - Charolais heifer from Roger Flannery; Ashton Caron - Belted Galloway heifer from Morgan Allen; and Jared Kimball - Shorthorn heifer bought from Rupert Pratt with money from the sale of Alexander Clark's animal.

2013: Cierra Waters - Angus heifer from Adam Pride; and Kristen Salley - Chi-Angus heifer bought from McGee Farm with money given back by Katherine Newcombe.

2012: Matthew Carroll – Angus heifer from Tyler Stevenson

2011: Morgan Allen – Belted Galloway from Sam Newcombe; and Adam Pride – Angus heifer from Samantha Grant

2010: Alexander Clark – Hereford heifer from Sage LeBlanc; Wesley Turner – Angus heifer from Tom McKenney; and Roger Flannery – Charolais heifer from George Miller

2009: Sage LeBlanc – Angus heifer from Ben Pride; Sam Newcombe – Belted Galloway from Kayla Scheimreif; and Katherine Newcombe – Angus heifer from Mary Street and MBPA

2008: Tyler Stevenson – Angus heifer from Pineland Farms; Ronnie Sue Clark – Simmental heifer from McGee Farm; and Carrie Butterfield – Hereford heifer from Paul and Wendy Gallagher

2007: Ben Pride – Angus heifer from McGee Farm; Samantha Grant – Angus heifer from Pete Wayne; and Kayla Scheimreif  - Belted Galloway from Aldemere Farm

Calves for Kids

The Maine Beef Producers Association is once again accepting applications for the Calves for Kids program. The deadline is April 1st, 2018.

Youth applying will be asked to come for an interview before the Calves for Kids committee at a later date. This program, started in 2007, has given 22 youth in the State of Maine a heifer calf. The program gives a youth an opportunity to have a registered beef heifer to show and start a herd. The youth's obligation is to breed the heifer to a registered bull and give back to the program the first heifer calf. If they do not get a heifer calf born after a few years they are obligated to pay the MBPA $1000. Of the 22 heifers that have gone to youth so far, 12 were either donated or bought by MBPA and the other 10 have come back from the youth. 

In 2015, right before the Maine Beef Producer's Club Calf Sale at Fryeburg Fair, two calves were presented to two deserving youths.  Cierra Waters presented her angus calf going back into the program to her brother Colby.  Elizabeth Phinney was presented a calf purchased by the Maine Beef Producers from William Fischer of Cumberland, Maine.  That calf was a percentage lowline.